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Sacajawea Coins

May 4, 2011

You really gotta hand it to some people.  I mean, really… this is pretty creative stuff!  The last three days that I have worked, I have gotten a couple Sacajawea coins each day.

It’s pretty funny, like basically they don’t want to be so rude as to not tip at all (we will talk about THOSE people later), but I’m still not good enough for real money.

“Here, why don’t you take these weird coins that I’ve had laying around for years?”

And, I do appreciate that it’s something.  (Trust me, I do.)  I would MUCH rather have some coins than nothing at all.  Not giving a tip is basically the same as slapping me in the face when I don’t deserve it.  If I do deserve it (like if I left something off your order or forgot something), then I don’t mind.

But yeah, Sacajawea coins, who would have thought?  What should I do with this stash I’m acquiring?


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  1. Yeah, getting $1-$2 in dollar coins is not that rare. Also the occasional $2 bill.

    I always cash them in at the store as soon as I can.

  2. QuickPipkin permalink

    I agree, if you don’t want to keep them – cash them in at the bank or store, just like you expect them to have done.

    At least by NOT cashing them in, they had it to give to you.

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