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Oh, hey. Thanks neighbor!

May 9, 2011

I recently had the pleasure of taking a delivery to my neighbor. They live literally like 100ft away from me. Basically no one in my neighborhood knew that I was delivering pizza as a side job to make ends meet.

So, here is how the conversation went.
Me: “Hey neighbor! I got your pizza”

Her: “Oh! I thought you looked familiar. Wow, when did you start working at *insert my company name*? Do you like it?”

Me: “Yeah, its good. Something that works with my schedule a bit. ”

*I hand her the credit card slip, she signs, I give her the pizza*

Me: Thank you, Have a good night. See you later!

Then I look down at my credit card slip and realize that she didn’t tip me. @#$%^!!! *&%%$#!!! Who does that??! Who freakin does that?

Why would you do something so rude to someone that you are going to have to see everyday?

Some people!!


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