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I’m sure this makes me racist, but..

May 14, 2011

WHY do 90% of mexicans never give a tip???? When I see that I’m delivering to a mexican household, I usually sigh and give up all hope of a tip. About 10% of the time they surprise me and give me a tip… most of the time, no.

Does anyone have insight into this problem? Is it a cultural thing? Do they not know that you are supposed to tip delivery drivers, or maybe they just don’t care?

I mean, I understand that most of them are poor (so am I, or I wouldn’t have this job), but if you are poor, then don’t order delivery!!!

  1. QuickPipkin permalink

    It must be a regional thing, honestly. I deliver to Mexicans every day, and they tip me quite well. I can almost always count on $3-5. The more they drink, the bigger their tips tend to get too. I don’t speak Spanish, but I plaster on my smile and say Gracias Sinor(a/ita). They usually ramble something and I nod, and tuck my tip into my back pocket.

    Maybe they are saying, “here’s an extra tip for the effort, you silly english lady” or, who knows… They may make more money than I do.

  2. Jenny permalink

    I usually get tips from Mexicans. Its the blacks who don’t tip. Racist or not (and I’m not trying to be), it’s the truth.

    • that’s interesting. i think it really just depends on the area, i guess. There really aren’t many blacks in our area though, so that could be why. Around here, mexicans are the poor minority.

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