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I’m glad this pizza is making you fatter and more disgusting.

May 24, 2011

Hey, look. I know it can be tough to be morbidly obese and it must be pretty hard to get up from your couch. But it is damn rude of you to punish me for DOING MY JOB!!

First of all, you had your son get up and answer the door and grab the pizza. Then when I asked to see your card and ID, you acted like I had just committed murder. You moaned and groaned and THEN guess what? you had your son get it! no big deal, right? You didn’t even have to move once!

Of course, during all of this I was very nice and polite. Even after you didn’t give me a tip, I still smiled and told you to enjoy your evening.

Being obese does not give you the right to be rude, but it does make it easier for me to see what a miserable life you live. So don’t tip me, be lazy and rude. Whatever. At least I’m not molded to my couch. Have a nice life, sucka!

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