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If you let your kids order delivery…

May 30, 2011

Parents, if you let your kids order delivery, then PLEASE teach them about tipping, and make sure you leave enough money for a tip.

I can’t tell you how many times I have delivered to 8-14yr olds (no kidding.), who either have barely enough to cover the bill, OR they take back all their change and don’t give me a tip. I understand that they are young and they probably just don’t really know. That is why it is important that the parents teach them. Let them know that you do tip delivery drivers and that its very rude not to (unless there has been bad service). After that, teach by example.

On the flip side though, there have been a few times I have been tipped by a child. And I have seen a parent teaching a child a couple times.

Funny story: I went to a house and the parents answered the door, said that their sons had ordered so they were going to pay. So, they called them upstairs. The boys started pooling their money together and got enough to pay the bill and one of them threw a dollar on there for my tip. Then the dad said “Now, what did you give for a tip??” And then he pulled out his own wallet and gave 4 more dollars. That was really nice and it was pretty hilarious as well. It’s always an awkward/hilarious situation when people are talking about what they should tip you when you are standing right there. LOL!


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  1. that link doesnt convince me of anything, besides the fact that the author is a douchebag.

    also, it is written towards servers, who have a completely different job from me. we risk our lives in traffic/weather conditions and put miles on our cars, just because you are too lazy to put pants on and go pick up your own food.

  2. QuickPipkin permalink

    I took an order last night over the phone and asked the customer if they needed any sauces with their order. “no, we don’t need any of that…” Ok. Noted.

    I then deliver the order, and get back to the store and they call to complain about not getting sauces…. uhh… “we’ll pay an extra delivery fee if we have to, my little sister won’t eat without the sauces.” Ok, it’s 20 minutes after close now, but I’ll run a box of sauces out to you – even though you declined them the first time around. I get there, and they send a 7 year old boy out to ‘fetch’ them from me. It’s like, 12:30 at night… Wow, way to go and dodge any kind of compensation… You didn’t even tip me the first time around… let alone after you say you’ll pay an extra fee. Not mad they didn’t cough up the money, I just think it’s funny.

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