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Okay, this is weird.

June 6, 2011

So, I pulled up to this house… and I see a different delivery company’s car parked in the driveway. Their delivery guy is up at the doorstep. I look at my tag to make sure I’m at the right house.

No one orders from two different delivery places at the same time, right? I started going up to the house, sure that they would tell me I had the wrong address.

I passed by the other delivery dude on the way up there and said an awkward “hi”. I mean, what do you say to a competitor? lol.

I get up to the door and to my surprise.. yes, they did order from two delivery places at the same time. lol! weird! I don’t understand people.


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  1. QuickPipkin permalink

    This has happened to me! At a red light, our competitor got in front of me, and I followed them to our mutual delivery. I said hi, and as I checked my address, asked if his address was the same. He said yes, and we walked up together. He knocked, and knocked…. and knocked and nobody came out. He stayed put right in front of the door, there was no way I was getting close enough to even see if there was a door bell, so I said I would be right back, and ducked around the side of the house. They were sitting out back, and were surprised I was there already. They ducked inside and said they would meet me out front. I went back out front, and I said they were coming. When the lady came to the door, she apologized for making us wait – and giggled about how her daughter wanted the competitor’s food so they ordered it for her, and ordered ‘Good Food’ from my pizza place for her and her husband. I smiled, and the competitor blurted, “Well, I got here first and I won.” She gave him a funny look and asked him to break the $50 in her hand. As he dug in his pockets, dropping money, reciepts, change, and coupons all over her porch – I kindly picked them up and he sorted it out, and gave her every penny of her change. She held her hand out waiting for the last few cents. Once she got the food, he turned and slowly walked away as he tried to sort his money – tipless. I kindly gave her the food, and she handed me the remainder of the $50 he just gave her, which was about $12 over the total bill. She said, “Keep it honey, you actually showed you deserve it” and shut the door. The other driver was just a few feet away tucking his now neater stack of money in his pocket as I tucked my money away. I smiled and waved as I got into my car, satisfied.

  2. LMAO!! how funny! you got lucky! haha.. im happy i didnt have to stand at the front porch with him at least, that would have been wierd.

  3. Maybe they really like specific pizza flavors 🙂

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