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“You in da ghetto naw, girl!”

June 8, 2011

2 Black dudes open the door: “Oh hey, you look scared girl. Yeah, you in da ghetto now.”

Me: Nah, I’m just tired. It’s been a long night.

Them: *laughing* Hey, ya’ll I know it hard to be in the ghetto for ya. We cool. We cool.

Me: *basically just rolling my eyes at this point*

After he gives me the money, I hand him the pizza.

Him: I should probably give you a tip, huh? *digs in his pocket* Girrrll, you can have these fine gold coins.

LMAO! did you just act like your dollar coins were valuable GOLD coins? like, I was receiving some valuable pirate treasure or something?

Also, I’ve been to a lot more “ghetto” areas in this city. There have been some areas where I actually have been scared.

Yours was not one of them.

Just because you’re black and you live in an apartment building does NOT mean that you live in the ghetto. It also doesn’t mean that I’m scared.

Just sayin’.

But hey, thanks for your GOLD COINS!

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