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Oh, I’m sorry. Was I interrupting?

June 9, 2011

Hotel deliveries can be.. well…. interesting sometimes. I happened to be at a hotel, but the person who took the order accidentally got the room number wrong (thanks a lot co-worker!!). So, I went to the wrong room first, then I called my store back and by pure luck, my co-worker thought he remembered the room number.

So, I tentatively go up to this room. It is almost midnight. I am not even sure this is the right room and I am a little worried that I might wake someone up.

*knock knock*

I hear shuffling noises


Dude-through the door:  “Give me just a second.”

Me:  “Okay.”



After a few minutes go by (which actually seem like an eternity when you are waiting at someones door), he opens the door.

The lights are off. (oh crap, this IS the wrong door and I just woke him up, right?? right?)

He turns on the lights.

Me:  “Did you order pizza?”

Him: Yeah.


Then, I noticed a scantily clad woman on his bed.

I realized then that I was not interrupting any sleeping.


what they probably looked like when i knocked on the door. haha!

P.S.  A word of advice? Next time you order pizza, Please don’t try to get your freak on before I arrive.
Yes, it does help pass the time, but it really is awkward to have to find your pants and wallet in the dark and fumble to the door to pay for your pizza. Especially in a small hotel room where I can see your bed from the doorway.

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