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Your “Thank You’s” are falling on deaf ears.

June 22, 2011

Are you familiar with the saying  “Actions speak louder than words.” ?  or, “Your actions are speaking so loud that I can’t hear a word you are saying.”

This is how I feel when  people DON’T tip me, but then profusely thank me.  I’m sorry. What??  I didn’t hear any of that.  My ears are still ringing from the slap you gave me when you didn’t tip.   Do you honestly think that telling me “thank you” makes up for a tip?  No, it does not.

Learn your manners.  Leave a good tip AND say thank you.  But, at the very least, leave a good tip… that is a very good “thank you”.    A verbal “thank you” doesn’t mean crap when it’s not accompanied by a tip.


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  1. Lola-at-Large permalink

    How do you feel about the new “delivery charges?” I’m a consumer, and because of them, I now tip my driver less when I order pizza. Where I might have once tipped two or three bucks, I usually only give a dollar now (unless it’s a larger order. (I usually just order one pie). In addition, I order a lot less often than I used to because I loathe that extra fee and what it does to drivers’ tips (used to deliver in college). But I’m curious. What do drivers think about it? Are they aware it cuts into their tips?

    • I thought there was always a delivery fee… to cover mileage costs. I know that it has gone up recently because of gas prices, but I really can’t think of a time when there wasnt a delivery fee. maybe 10 years ago? im not sure. Anyways, people should be used to the idea at this point, since I know they’ve been around for quite a few years. But, if the delivery fee is causing you that much hassle and making you not tip your driver well, then you should really order carry out.

      and yeah, i think most of us drivers are aware that the delivery fee may cause someone to tip less. or for someone to think that the delivery charge IS a tip (which it most definitely is not).

      was there not a delivery fee when you delivered pizzas in college?? if so, how long ago was that?

  2. John permalink

    It would be better if they didn’t say anything and just smiled. Or the one guy who said, “I won’t quibble over the nickel.” Really?! Obviously you need it more than me cause your’e driving a Caddy that will fall apart thanks to GM.

  3. Delivery guy permalink

    Oh, hello…
    First at all: ‘Sorry for my bad English’…I find your blog when I google something about rain and delivering…well, I’m delivery guy from one Balkan country, and delivery is my business over the summer while I’m in school hollyday… (but I’ll work over the school year)…

    So, I read on your blog about tip, and I stayed pufff, maybe in your country that is a bad tip, but here is a GREAT tip, I know here alot people who deliver the pizza, and we have tip about 5$ and it’s a BIG tip, but in 70% of time we got NO tip…

    99% of people doesn’t give you a tip, and I think it’s a CRAP!

    Is there some tricks to get tip or people in your country is normal to give a tip to a delivery boy/guy?

    Cheers! 🙂

    P.S. I like this job, and I deliver on my bicycle and it’s problem to deliver pizza to people when is raining…but I like to talk with people and like to count money so I like this job 🙂

    • I’ve heard about different countries not tipping. Someone told me it was because you make a better wage per hour, so they dont feel like they need to?? I’m not sure if that is true, but over here you make below minimum wage when you are out on delivery! I don’t really think there are any tricks besides being friendly and on time. It’s pretty understood in America that you should tip for delivery.

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