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I delivered to the She-dude again!

July 14, 2011

This time He/she tipped!  BUTTTTT, he pulled the tip out of his fake cleavage – eww!!  hahaha.  He said he could afford to tip because he was “working” tonight.   OMG!!  *plugs ears* lalalalalalala!!  I DONT WANT TO KNOW!!!

Now, let me tell you something… he was wearing a TIGHT little mini dress in zebra print.  It was too short for comfort.  I was worried I might catch a glimpse of something.  And he was wearing a bra!!! to make it seem like there was something there.. LMAO!!!

I should probably feel bad about this since He/she was being all nice to me and telling me how beautiful my face was….. but, I don’t.   He’s a creeper…. and he only tipped $2.    If a tip is coming out of your fake cleavage, at least make it $5.  Just saying.

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