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Random Stuff

August 10, 2011

#1 –  A new business came into town, they have parties for kids and stuff.  They order pizzas from us and they NEVER EVER tip.    All of us delivery drivers pretty much hate them now.  I mean, I know they are trying to run a business and all, but when you are getting 80 slices of pizza,  just raise the price on each slice by a nickel and then pay your delivery driver a few bucks.  Come on!

#2 –  To the smoking prego lady: Sorry that I don’t really feel sorry for your pregnancy ailments, you are smoking in my face.  Nope, I don’t feel sorry for you one bit… I only feel sorry for your baby.

#3 – Thank you to the random dude that gave me a $9 tip tonight, that was awesome!

#4 –  People are so wierd on the phone sometimes.  We get pre-teens calling in prank calls (which I don’t understand why that is funny, you don’t even get any pizza out of it).  And today, there was some kid who was going through some hard core voice changes.  I could hardly understand him, his voice pitch was ALL OVER the place!  I thought maybe he was faking it.

#5 –  Who in their right mind lets their young teenage son (like 14) wear a shirt that says “I like VAGINAS!! Wheeee!”  ??  Really?  I was really wondering if this kid had parents at all.

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