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Three bad pick-up lines in one night?

August 12, 2011

Man, how did I get so lucky?




Pick up line #1:  “If I followed you home,  would you keep me?”    NO. 

and honestly, who says that?  you sound like a freaking creep.


Pick up line #2:  “Hey, you dropped something.”   Me: *looking back* “Oh, I did??”   “Yeah, your smile.”

Ummm… okay.  Whatever the crap that is supposed to mean.  Wipe your goofy grin off your face.


Pick up line #3:  “Thanks lil’ mami, does your number come with the box? *wink*”  Me: “NO, definitely not.”  

hey dude, im not your “lil mami”  and why the hell would you try to hit on me when you are  a POS  grown man that had your mom call in and pay for you… also you were rude enough to not tip.  AND then you hit on me?  hahahaha.  ridiculous.

Bunch of creepers that night, I tell you what.  At least I got a good laugh out of it.  LOL!

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