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When you order pizza, please try to know where you live.

May 16, 2012

Recently (in the last week),  I have delivered to two people who DIDN’T know their address.  Really, truly.


First place:

She said her address was something it wasn’t.  She INSISTED it was right.    She is lucky that I found it truly by accident, based upon the description she gave.

I gave her the pizza, and she didn’t tip.   After, I had gone to all that trouble to find a non-existent address!!    So, I was a little rude when I let her know that she didn’t know her real address.  I let her know exactly what her address was.


Second place:

These guys were actually really nice, and you could tell that they had JUST moved in…  so, while it was still inconvenient,  I could have more sympathy.

Anyways,  they told me their address was on a road that it actually wasn’t on.  I don’t know how they could think this, when you CLEARLY turn down a road with a different name to get to their house.   But, they told me they had a piece of mail with the other address on it.    Weird.


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  1. Jake permalink

    I love reading your posts, but you’re slacking.

    • jake, you are totally right. I am slacking. I will try to do better…. but dont expect TOO much. haha!

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