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Can I have yo’ numba?

October 28, 2012

 I sometimes get asked for my phone number and I usually laugh it off or just give them the store number (lol).  But, one time this guy I delivered to actually called the store after I had delivered to him, and asked them to leave me HIS number.    My co-worker thought it was hilarious and totally played along with it and was like “Oh, great!  Yeah, she would love your phone number.”   This guy thought I might already have a boyfriend, but thought he would try anyways.    I said to my coworker, “Oh, you didn’t happen to mention anything about my husband and 2 kids??”    Nope, that totally slipped his mind to tell him that.  ha!  Well, at least we all got a good laugh about it.    AND, this dude wasn’t a creeper or anything,  so it made me feel young.   It’s nice to think that he thought was cute, young, and kid-less.

It would be weird if I had to deliver to him again, thank goodness the odds are that I won’t.   But, if I do… I’ll just  flash the wedding ring.    lol.

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