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A bit about dogs and their owners.

November 3, 2012

Dogs… what can I say about dogs?   A whole lot.. that’s what.  Way too much for one blog post.

Here’s a couple of the most memorable dog stories I can recall.


Delivered a pizza to this older lady… her dog runs outside.  She pays me and then goes outside to get her dog….who happens to be close to my car.  I go to get in my car and out of nowhere the dog hops in my car!!  Right on my lap!  It scared the crap out of me. haha.

I delivered to some guys with a dog whose nose was just RIGHT at my crotch level.. that’s always awkward, but usually the owners grab the dog away the second he starts to go sniffing.  These guys totally let their dog have his nose in my crotch almost the entire time while I was batting him away.   They didn’t seem to notice or mind,  and I kind of didn’t want to draw even MORE unnecessary attention to my crotch by saying “HEY! do you think you could get your dog’s nose out of my crotch area??!”

What’s a girl to do??  Thankfully, it’s never been an issue again. Most of the time dog owners are very considerate of me.  I realized that most dog owners really care about what I think of their dog.  They do NOT want me to think that they have a bad/mean/vicious dog.

Now, I’m  not really a dog person… but I don’t hate them, and I’m definitely not afraid of them.   Sometimes I say hi to the dog and pet it, and other times I hardly even acknowledge the dog is there at all.   Yet, the owners almost always say the same thing.   “Oh, he’s a good dog.. don’t even worry.  He wouldn’t hurt anyone.”    I’m like.. “Okay…. I wasn’t worried.”  (maybe, I should be now, though??)

I guess they just don’t want me going back to my store and telling my boss that we can’t deliver there anymore because I was scared for my life from their vicious man-eating dog.  Either that, or they just honestly care a lot about what a complete stranger thinks of their dog.

Dogs are pretty crazy(sometimes annoying), but I can’t say I’ve ever been scared of one at a delivery before.  One thing that is really great about them is that they make an excellent doorbell.    A lot of the time I don’t even have to knock before the person opens the door.  Thanks doggy doorbell!

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