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Tipping: The Basics.

Please take into consideration several factors when tipping:

1. How far away your house is from the place you are ordering from – the further away, the more you should tip.  time=more deliveries=more tips we could be making.

2. How difficult your house is to find (you know if you have a difficult address, people have probably gotten lost there before).

3.  Weather conditions – if you don’t want to be out in it and are forcing us to risk our lives on the bad roads, please tip a little more.

4.  How large your order is – you really should tip more for larger orders.

Minimum Tip:

Don’t ever tip less than $2.  Really.  That is about as low as is acceptable, $3-5 is average.    Anything $5 or over is wonderful and we love you for it!

When It’s okay not to tip:

If  we forget something on your order.  (I’ve forgotten to grab a soda before.. sometimes people will forget one of the pizzas or sides)

If we were really rude.

If we were really late.


If you cannot afford to tip your driver, you really should not be ordering delivery.  Go to the grocery store instead, or pick it up yourself.


FYI:  we get paid less than minimum wage when we are out delivering… much like servers at a restaurant.


A delivery fee is NOT a tip!  It gets paid to the store, for them to pay mileage to the delivery drivers.

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